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Text: 815.780.9097

Are you a man affected by an unexpected pregnancy? Is someone you know dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and you need advice on how to help them? Or has someone you know had an abortion and you are struggling to come to terms with it?

We Care is not just here for women. Our staff is also committed to helping the men involved in  unplanned pregnancies. Our clinic can:

 Provide male Client Advocates who understand your situation

 Listen to your concerns

 Discuss and provide information about your options

 Answer questions about your rights

 Offer free and confidential services

We encourage you to call now to make an appointment with

one of our logical and confidential male Client Advocates.

We are available to listen to whatever is on your mind and help you find solutions.

Call:  815-748-4242

Text: 815-780-9097

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